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We believe that Sport is not only essential for well-being, but it is also useful to foster social relations and inclusivity. It is a universal language, a sharing of values that contributes to the bond between people. This is why we promote sports such as basketball, cycling, football, running and so much more. Some Movirians have competition in their blood. They take part in all sorts of local tournaments, championships, and other sporting events. But what we enjoy best is organizing Moviri matches such as basketball, football, volleyball…




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Polimi Spring Games Moviri

Polimi Spring Games

Sport is in the DNA of the Politecnico of Milan community. Who can’t remember the thrill, emotions, “fights” of their Polimi games or how much they cheered for their friends and colleagues during hot days of summers? We do remember those amazing moments with a lot of joy. That’s why we are excited to sponsor the Polimi Spring Games: 5-on-5 soccer, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball, padel, and athletics tournaments dedicated exclusively to students of the Politecnico of Milan, which will be held from March 21st to June 1st.

PolimiRun Spring 2016 Moviri

PolimiRun Spring

Everything started with the PolimiRun Spring, at least for us. It is the annual flagship 10km run event, open to everyone, which will take place on May 29th, connecting the two Milan campuses, from Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci to Bovisa Lambruschini. This year, the PolimiRun Spring 2022 will be completely barrier-free and suitable for everyone in the beautiful and diverse “Politecnico community”. Not only students and sports enthusiasts, but also families with children, seniors, people with disabilities, lovers of walking: a race organized for everyone, with multiple options to stop well before finishing the entire course. And our Movirians will surely be there!


Moviri sponsors the PolimiRide, the first bike race organized by Politecnico of Milan, taking place in September on a route around the Piacenza campus. Our Movirians are ready to pedal for 25 km and more!

Campionati politecnico students winter cup Moviri

Polimi Winter Championships

Winter is coming and with it a new and refreshed edition of Polimi Winter Championships! 5-on-5 soccer, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball, padel, and athletics tournaments, just for students, taking place from October to December. Students can once again show which team is the best.

Moviri Sports program 2022

PolimiRun Winter

For the past few years, we sponsored the PolimiRun Winter, the winter edition of the 10km run, on mixed dirt and paved route, which usually takes place in November against the beautiful scenery of Lecco. Of course, we didn’t lose the chance to also participate as runners. Running when it gets colder? Easy task for us. So we renew the competition again this year!

Ready, set, go!