One company, many businesses.

We innovate by combining consulting with technology businesses.

We are a multinational group, founded in 2000, as a Politecnico di Milano startup.
In our organization, consulting services and technology startup companies coexist.
By joining Moviri, you can experience the best of both worlds!

Consulting is the core business of Moviri. Our consultants and engineers work with some of the largest customers and most valuable brands.

They deploy leading-edge technology and create solutions for our enterprise customers, focusing on four strategic areas: performance engineering, analytics, cybersecurity, and IoT.

ContentWise is an industry pioneer in leveraging machine learning techniques to deliver bespoke digital customer experience.

ContentWise personalizes the user experience of more than 100 million customers of global digital media, entertainment and e-commerce brands.

Cleafy helps banks and financial institutions scale-up their fight against online fraud. Cleafy is the first solution to introduce full detection and response in online fraud prevention.

A revolutionary technology that combines the most advanced fraud detection capabilities, with the possibility to set-up automated responses. Cleafy protects today more than 50 million web and mobile users.

Arduino is the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem to build innovative IoT solutions. Thanks to its simplicity and accessibility, Arduino is at the core of thousands of different projects and applications.

Today Arduino is used by more than 15 million makers and IoT professionals worldwide.

Akamas redefines IT performance optimization, thanks to the use of machine learning algorithms, automatically tuning servers, applications, and networks.

Akamas helps global enterprises achieve unprecedented levels of performance, cost savings, and efficiency from their IT systems.

Come build the future with us