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This year represents the first bicycle race of the Politecnico di Milano. The PolimiRide will take place on October 9 in Piacenza.

Like the PolimiRun, the PolimiRide will also be an annual event and it can be joined by anyone. In fact, there are two routes from which one can choose. The first one is thought for people that want to spend their morning exploring Piacenza and the banks of Po and Trebbia which is 25 km long. The second one is a bit more difficult and is 74 km long with an altitude difference of 900 meters.

PolimiRide is open to anyone who wants to participate and spend a day in the beautiful Piacenza, sightseeing while cycling.

We are happy to sponsor this initiative, among other sportive ones organized by Politecnico di Milano. Some of our colleagues already started their training. We are hoping that you would join us!

PS: If you love sports, you already have one thing in common with us.

Are you our next teammate?