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Think like the customer

The customer’s success and our success are one and the same.

Think as if you were your own customers. Focus on earning and keeping the customers’ trust by looking after their interests, not by trying to please them. Do not blindly agree with your customers, if you do not think it is in their best interest.

Improve, always

Learning is at the very core of our identity.

Don’t be afraid of questioning the status quo to innovate and simplify. Look everywhere for new ideas and for better ways of doing things. Proactively share what you have learned and coach others so that they can build on your progress.

Do more with less

Waste limits our ability to invest in what really matters.

Use the company’s and customers’ resources as if they were your own. Seek to solve problems with ideas and inventiveness first, instead of money.


Be one team

Moviri is many businesses, but ultimately one company.

You should put Moviri’s results ahead of your team’s (and your own). We have little patience for prima donnas. “Us vs. Them” talk has no place in our company, whether in hiring employees, serving customers or collaborating internally.

Build trust

Trust is the lifeblood of every high-performing team.

Your influence and impact come more from the trust you earn from your peers, rather than a job title. Respect different opinions, be accountable and lead by example.

Communicate, a lot

Good communication is essential to good work.

Listen with care. Communicate as openly as possible involving any person or organization that should be. Disseminate knowledge by putting pen to paper: quality writing is critical to creating value.


Act fast

Business is all about performance.

Do not spring into action without thinking, but evaluate situations quickly. Strive for execution velocity, by taking appropriate risks and learning fast.

Take initiative

Goals cannot be achieved without initiative.

Never say “I didn’t do it because nobody told me to”. When the opportunity presents itself, step up to the plate and stretch yourself beyond the formal boundaries of your role.

Make things happen

Impact comes from delivering consistent results.

We have a history of achieving our business objectives time and time again.
We achieve impactful results as a company if you make things happen in your work every day.

Be brave

Great companies push the boundaries of what is possible.

Have the courage to think big, even when opportunities are not obvious and success is not guaranteed. Without ambition, we cannot achieve great things. With it, we earn a chance to.