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Women Mentoring by Moviri,
was a 3-month project, developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano Career Service. It is focused on a mentoring program by five Moviri women experts for twenty Politecnico di Milano master students of Engineering and Design.

Sharing opinions on the “female consultant” role, providing role models to confront with and look up to, discuss skills and competencies required to enter the working environment: these were the main project goals.

The six-step journey started with the self-introduction made by the mentors: through their professional and personal stories, they inspired girls not to limit themselves in defining their career paths, but to broaden their horizons in imagining their future. During the following meetings, the mentees developed a set of soft skills including problem-solving, decision making and teamwork, fundamental in a working environment.

With the Women Mentoring Program, Moviri and Politecnico di Milano joined forces towards gender equality and the enhancement of diversity. Despite the recent increase of women in the engineering sector, the number of female students enrolled in STEM and engineering courses is still low, if compared to other fields. Today, this choice is still influenced by stereotypes, social and cultural barriers and a predominant narration of STEM fields as male topics.

“Gender equality is an indispensable element in an economy that pursues the goals of sustainable development and social cohesion. Our Women Mentoring Program aims at a cultural change: we can achieve excellent results if we can reflect these academic initiatives in society at large, by tackling this relevant issue at all levels”
said Paolo Bozzola, Moviri CEO.