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Over the next two months, Moviri together with Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi will organize a series of training workshops for the students of this prestigious organization based in Turin.

The first meeting will be held on October 19th. Luca Cisoni will present Moviri Group and explain what we and our companies do.

During the second meeting (October 26th) Luca will be joined by two Consultants that work in the Performance Engineering team. They will talk about how a consultant’s life works and Luca will present a successful client use case.

The third meeting (November 9th) will be focused on an Engineering Case Study, presented by a Movirian IT Performance Engineer. The title of the use case is Understanding and measuring CPU throttling in containerized environments.

The topic of the fourth and final meeting (November 16th) will be Research and Development. The speakers will be two Software Engineers that work for Akamas, one of our companies. They will talk about their typical work-day as Software Engineers and about what Akamas does.

We are very thrilled to start this collaboration. We hope the Collegio Einaudi students will enjoy this discovery learning path!