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Are you interested in AI and especially in Machine Learning? Would you like to know how companies use Machine Learning algorithms in their business areas?

By attending the event, you will meet companies that offer Machine Learning solutions. You will discover how Machine Learning is used in different business sectors, how it helps business decisions while improving products and services.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to take the challenge and to experience Machine Learning cases. Directly from your PC, you will actively take part in 20-minute sections for each company. During the first part of the meeting, every company representative will introduce you to some Cyber Security cases to solve. In the following 20 minutes, you will face the challenges, trying to solve the cases.

“Metitti in Gioco” is the perfect occasion to challenge yourself! The event is part of the Career Service Award program.

The meeting will be held in Italian. We remind you this event will be held online, the Career Service will send a confirmation via e-mail to the registered students, with a link for the connection to the virtual room!

For more information contact job@moviri.com