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AI is playing a key role in the development of techniques for implementing hardware and software systems attempting to reproduce skills, reasoning, and human behavior.
Take part in a mini hackathon and come to solve cases linked to AI!

Directly from your PC, you will actively take part in 40-minute sections for each company. During the first part of the meeting, we will introduce you to an Artificial Intelligence case to solve. In the following 20 minutes, you will face the challenge to experience practical applications of theoretical courses.

Human vs Machine
Alan Turing shaped artificial intelligence with his famous experiment on how to test a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior. Contentwise is mixing editorial curated content with content personalized by our machine learning algorithms. Play with our team to recognize what has been done by an editorial team and what is recommended by our machine.

This event will be held online and organized via Microsoft Teams: Career Service will send a confirmation via e-mail to the registered students, with a link for the connection to the virtual room!

Join us and it will be a brilliant occasion to challenge yourself!

Send an email to job@moviri.com for more information.