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Moviri PhD Mentoring Day

Did you achieve your PhD or are you about to? Would you like to know more about job roles and career opportunities suitable for you? What about interacting with company representatives and boosting your network?

Join now the PhD Job Mentoring Day, the event online dedicated to Ph.D. students and candidates who want to explore job roles and sectors and talk with company representatives. Thanks to this exclusive event, you will join 30-minute sessions with company managers, playing job roles in line with your own study path.

During this event, you can ask questions to professionals, listen to the answers to your colleagues’ questions, and can know more about:

  • job roles and career opportunities suitable for you;
  • how to be competitive on the job market;
  • the previous professional experiences of the company representatives and which innovative projects they faced throughout their career.

Giovanni Gibilisco will be the rapresentant of Moviri and Akamas at this event.

Important: if you do not register, you will not be able to take part!

For more information contact job@moviri.com