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Are you a student of computer engineering at the University of L’Aquila? Then do not miss the chance to discover more about performance testing, Kubernetes, and automatic performance tuning frameworks.

Maximizing the performance of IT systems is critical to reduce hardware and software costs. Each change to the system has to be thoroughly validated to avoid disrupting the performance. However, traditional performance testing is a tedious process that involves several manual steps such as running experiments, collecting measurements and creating stochastic models that allow making predictions about the performance of a system.

Modern IT systems are becoming more complex, to the point where, when performance problems arise, traditional modeling gives no helpful insight to the human expert. On the other hand, automatic performance tuning automates the entire performance testing process and replaces the human with machine learning models that can quickly and reliably improve performance.

In this talk, we start by covering traditional performance testing techniques and apply them to Kubernetes, showing how the skilled performance engineer proceeds to analyse and improve the behaviour of a modern system. Then, we introduce the automatic performance tuning framework, showing how Bayesian Optimisation handles the reconfiguration process.

The speakers will be: Stefano Cereda (Senior Data Scientist at Akamas) and Francesco Fabbrizio (IT Performance Engineering at Moviri).

How does it work?

Contact professor Vittorio Cortellessa to register and for more information.

About Moviri and Akamas

Moviri is a multinational technology consulting and software group that uses data, software, and insights to solve substantial business challenges in four strategic fields: Performance Engineering, Analytics, Security, and IoT.

Moviri, founded in 2000, has systematically spun-off and invested in category-defining software companies to deliver IT solutions to global markets: ContentWise, Cleafy, Arduino, and Akamas.

Akamas is the AI-powered autonomous optimization solution that enables enterprises and online businesses to deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience at minimum cost.

Built by veterans in performance engineering and data science, Akamas exploits advanced machine learning techniques to optimize hundreds of interdependent service configuration parameters while matching both technical and business goals.